Downloading the supporting documentation will help provide insight and reference into my secret life as an escort and how I allowed numerous individuals to pay me for my companionship (in the case of several, much more than that). Probably the most shocking is how one man spent more than $60,000 over the past 5 years for the opportunity to sleep with me. The current available links to the right are for a listing of my clients, dates, locations and charges, handwritten work calendar entries from 2008-2013 supporting that list (VERY LARGE FILE 124Mb) and the last 1 1/2 years of text interaction with my longest active client.

"Admitting the nature of our wrongs and being willing to make amends for them is an integral part of any 12 step program." Listed below is what I believe to be an accurate account of actions which I regret, but am willing to share with the friends, family and fans I may have disappointed.

Over 10 years ago, I moved from Kentucky to Newport Beach to live with a man I thought I loved. We have now been married for over 8 years. For the first 4 years I was able to focus primarily on getting an education. During that time, we spent tens of thousands of dollars in dental, cosmetic surgery, botox, juviderm, chemical peels, LASIK and other means to ‘improve’ my look and self esteem. With that and much hard work from my husband, I was fortunate enough to become extremely popular on the Internet for my modeling and fledgling acting career. However, with that popularity came problems I did not foresee and never dreamed I would succumb to.

In 2006 with that newfound success, I began being invited to events where I would be paid appearance fees. At one such event in Las Vegas I was introduced to an individual who immediately started booking appearances for me in Miami and Las Vegas. Airfare, Hotel Room and a substantial cash payment were standard. He seemed to have a direct line to Billionaires that were willing to spend a great deal of money to have beautiful girls accompany them to private dinners and events. This continued quite regularly until July of 2008 when my husband found a cellular phone I had hidden with evidence that I had been doing more than just going to dinner with one particular ‘client’. Obviously, I did what I could to limit the damage and only admitted to having sexual relations on that one occasion. About a week later, I felt the necessity to add that it had actually been on every occasion I was with this client. That same night, as I expected this new information would end our marriage, I wrongly attempted suicide by an overdose of Oxycodone and was sent to Hoag Hospital, then to the College Hospital in Cerritos for 72 hours of Psychiatric evaluation.

Contact was terminated with the Las Vegas ‘VIP host’ who, in reality was running a ‘VIP escort’ service as well as providing other items one would expect to be found by the ultra wealthy in Sin City. Less than a year later my husband was provided additional information and videos that forced me to admit to several other clients I had provided sexual services for which included having a threesome as well as a brief affair with a night club promoter who hired me to gogo dance at his venue for a significantly higher rate than was standard. I truly cannot tell you how ashamed I am of my actions and the pain I caused because of it. I vowed to myself and promised my husband that I would stay true to my vows and never again have an emotional or physical connection with another man who paid for my companionship during our marriage.

During this time (December 5, 2007 to be exact) and while I was still providing escort services for the ultra wealthy, a fellow gogo dancer friend of mine invited me to a paid dinner. This was to be the first of over 200 paid ‘dates’ with a man named John Stefani (Currently CEO of his father’s company, Zipz Shoes). He lived very well off his family’s Trust Fund, was local and seemed to just want someone to talk to so it was very easy money. I certainly had no interest in a physical relationship with this particular client and since having given myself the added incentive to staying faithful, was confident I could continue this as long as it lasted without affecting my relationship with my husband. After several months John convinced himself that we were actually ‘dating’ even though I always required cash payments at the end of every evening (He typically withdrew money from an ATM afterwards). He has been aware of my marital status for most of the past 5 years (as indicated in the downloadable text messages) and would ‘break up’ with me several times a year out of either frustration or lack of money. I went about my business but ultimately he would always initiate resumption of my services. For the most part, we would go to nice restaurants, but I would also accompany him to his parents, family and friends as his ‘girlfriend’. In hindsight, I suppose this provided me with more acting experience than I had been getting anywhere else. Eventually, he began filling my car with gas, gave me several $1000 ‘loans’, paid for auto repairs, gave me many, many boots and shoes, Louis Vuitton wallet, Tiffany jewelry, event tickets, contributed a great deal to my many vacations, calendar shoots, calendar publishing and countless other gifts. It never occurred to me that he would continue this for over 5 years. Eventually, after years of financial struggle as an actress (99% of actors live month to month as I did) combined with the constant pressure and steady flow of money John had been providing, it seemed inevitable that I fail the promise to my husband and to myself again. During a weak point in my marriage, once again, and for the last time in my 10 year relationship, I broke my vows and made the decision to give my life a fresh and more prosperous start.

It should be noted that during this 5 year period of time John ended up spending in excess of $60,000 to finally convince me to give him a chance and see what this new relationship could bring. It may seem like a staggering number to some but I certainly feel now that it was money well spent. I know this has and will cause pain and have already lost many things I care deeply about for my decision, including my dear kitties Sebastian (7 years) and Hercules (2 years). Now that I am starting to openly admit my past and will make amends wherever I can, I feel confident that any future relationships will be free from any deceit and unfaithfulness. Since I have no intentions of pursuing acting or modeling work through this website or the associated Facebook & Twitter pages it links to, please allow me my privacy and make no attempt to contact me for such on any of the aforementioned social media websites. Thank you and God Bless.